About You

Here’s what I know about you…

You started dieting during your teens – which means you have had a rocky relationship with food and your body for decades. You know a ton about nutrition, but no matter how hard you try, you can’t stick with your healthy eating plan. You are successful and happy in a lot of ways, but you just can’t seem to conquer your food issues. You feel like you live a secret life – nobody knows how desperate you feel when you can’t stop eating. If you could only stop the binges and emotional eating, you know you could lose the weight.

What frustrates you the most is…

  • You have been trying to lose weight all of your adult life and it feels like you’ll never “be done”
  • You do really well for a while, and then something triggers you and you eat too much of the wrong things – again
  • You have been on diets, counted calories, counted points, analyzed fat and carbohydrate grams and percentages and done your best to “eat healthy” … but you still don’t have the body you want
  • You work really hard to stay in control of your food and most of the time you manage it – until the dam breaks and you desperately drive to the store for your favorite binge food
  • You’ve been up and down the scale but you have never truly felt comfortable in your own skin
  • You flip back and forth between depriving yourself of the foods you really want and feeling guilty and beating yourself up when you slip up and eat them anyway
  • You sneak and hide food because you are ashamed of bingeing on “forbidden” foods in front of anyone
  • You are tired of constantly obsessing about food and your weight… and sometimes you are just plain tired!

What you really, really want is…

  • To feel completely confident and comfortable in your own skin
  • To enjoy food – guilt-free – without worrying about gaining weight
  • To have the body you so desperately want – without diets or deprivation
  • To completely trust yourself around food without the fear of out of control eating
  • For it to be okay to eat something even if it isn’t “healthy” – and know that it won’t trigger a binge
  • To let go of the struggle once and for all and just relax around food
  • To eat healthy because you want to, not because you think you have to
  • To just be over this food thing once and for all
  • To stop being last on your list (if you are even on the list at all)
  • To just eat “normally” – instead of either totally in control or totally out of control
  • To stop going to bed feeling like a diet failure
  • To be free from food and weight obsession so you can focus your energy on what is really important to you
  • To love what you see in the mirror and in pictures

More than anything, you wish you could just eat like a “normal person”

Are you ready to take the next step?

If this is sounds like you, I am here to help. I am 100% committed to helping you create a peaceful, easy relationship with food and your body. I want you to enjoy food, drop the struggle, and feel fantastic in your body. If you are ready to get started, just enter your name and email on the right side of the page and learn why It isn’t your fault!

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